New Collection - Yeshi Designs

New Collection - Yeshi Designs

New Collection - Yeshi Designs

Meet Sophia Gach-Rasool, the designer behind Yeshi Designs and our newest artist collaborator! We’re excited to bring your more exclusive designs this year, starting with this limited edition, extra bold set featuring designs from Sophia’s portfolio. We sat down for a quick chat with Sophia about what keeps her inspired to hustle in the design world. Check it out!

Where are you from?

Baltimore, Maryland.

Where do you live?

Currently living in Brooklyn, NY. 

Fav color/color palette combo?

Right now i'm loving shades of purple with blues and lime green. I love color so it's hard to narrow it down! 

An image Sophia created for Diaspora Salon in Baltimore, MD. 

What’s your favorite nail art trend right now?

I love negative space nail art. It's so minimal and cool. I also really want to try intricate color blocked nails.

Where do you find inspo?

Primarily Pinterest and Instagram, but also life is inspiring. I look at Pinterest constantly and have several boards for illustration, interior design, photography, color, etc that provide amazing inspiration. 

What does it mean to you to be a powerful woman?

It means to be in control of your own voice, body, and spirit.

What woman artist(s) do you admire?

I love @jadepurplebrown, @dai.ruiz, @saraandreasson, and @bijoukarman just to name a few.

What other cool projects are you currently working on?

Now that I'm a freelancer, I'm devoting my energy to getting my online shop up so I can sell prints. I anticipate lots of cool collaborations and projects next year, so stay tuned!

You can follow Sophia and her design work @yeshidesigns and on her website.

Image from a series Sophia created for @Refinery29