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  • Image of Bmore Smug Collection
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Bmore Smug Collection

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Paige Orpin aka Bmore Smug is an abstract painter born and raised in Baltimore, MD. Unapologetic colors, hard lines and shapes, paired with drips and bleeds are sure signs you are looking at a piece by Paige. She has been heavily influenced by the skateboarding and graffiti communities. Daily inspiration is drawn from simple interactions with color combinations in ads, photography, and everyday life. What she is drawn to in any form of art is not the subject matter, but always the ingredients, so working in abstract, making something from nothing, was a natural choice for her. Her mantra? Surround yourself with motivated people, remember where you came from, stay focused, be positive, and always enjoy yourself.

Choose from two bold sets each feature 6 unique Bmore Smug murals.